Sunday, March 23, 2014


This past week was great! I ran 4 miles on Tuesday with Ms. Rabidoux, 9 miles on Wednesday (in the rain), and 18 miles Sunday morning with my other mentor Jeannie. It feels so good to go over that 15 mile wall and here I am. I felt a lot better on this run than the 15 or 13 milers I did a couple weeks ago. I'm finishing stronger and with more energy. It's so funny to think about how difficult I thought 6 or 7 milers were and to think today I ran 18 miles and it really was not that hard. Running is funny because I love to complain about it but once I get my butt out there and a killer song comes on I'm totally pumped up and think wow this is so much fun. 6 weeks away from Lansing.... CRAZY. I have my relay team set and my mentor Jeannie will be running the whole thing with me. I got a new pair of running shoes today super exciting and can't wait to try them out on Tuesday's 5 miler. This weekend I am running a half marathon to fight cystic fibrosis, it will be my first race and I'm a little nervous but I am sure it will be great! Ms. Rab will be running in it as well. Keeping a positive state of mind LAUREN


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  3. Lauren, you are such an inspiration. I can not believe you can run that far and refer to it as "not that hard!" Absolutely incredible. Keep up the good work and I can not wait to read about your 20 mile run! Be the change you wish to see in the world! -Cassidy